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Focus on the medium-to-high grade office furniture manufacturing for 12 years make you space is different

Focus on high-end office furniture manufacturer
for 12 years to make your space unique

 My company to introduce internationally advanced technology and equipment, such as: (American HY can (head), DOW (DOW), South Korea CSM (Korea) membrane technology and products of the company, such as the United States Fleck (rich lake), Autotrol (arturo progenitor) control valves and other products will be foreign advanced water treatment technology and superb production technology products to huitong source of water industry system, continuously develop the suitable water treatment equipment series products, China can complete glass fiber reinforced plastic resin specifications and various kinds of imported full automatic control valve (rich lake, arturo progenitor, concord, etc.), successfully applied to demineralized water equipment system, pure water equipment (reverse osmosis) pretreatment system; Professional research and development company, engaged in water treatment equipment, in product introduction created a kind of brand-new 。

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Selection of environmental materials

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Focused on furniture manufacturing for 12 years

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Personalized design, a new design concept

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Extra-long 8 years warranty, free maintenance for life